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Unionpharmpro is the go-to company representing and distributing unique, patented nutraceutical ingredients that improve the health and performance of individuals. At Union Pharmpro Co Ltd, we are open for new ideas for collaborations & believe in co-creation of breakthrough solutions.

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What We Know

  • 19/7
    Can Take Melatonin For Depression?
    Melatonin is a hormone controlled and produced by the pineal gland under the action of optical nerves. In a dark environment, the human brain controls the secretion of melatonin, when the content of melatonin gets to a certain level, people will feel sleepy for sleeping. For insomnia patients,...
  • 12/7
    Four Tips To Improve Your Sleep To Make You S...
    Good sleep is beneficial to people. The many aspects of good sleep health. It can liberate the body from the health of sleep, give various parts of the tissues and organs and the immune system a recovery time, in order to resist the impact of many people's possible sleep on the eyes.
  • 10/7
    Can Hypertension Patients Take Melatonin?
    Melatonin, as a health care aid, is mainly suitable for people with mild insomnia, elderly people, jet lag, shifters, blind people, and brain-injured insomnia. For patients with mild hypertension, melatonin can significantly reduce sleep systolic and diastolic blood pressure, therefore, they can...


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