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Unionpharmpro is the go-to company representing and distributing unique, patented nutraceutical ingredients that improve the health and performance of individuals. At Union Pharmpro Co Ltd, we are open for new ideas for collaborations & believe in co-creation of breakthrough solutions.

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  • 09/5
    The Creatine Usage From The Real Practice
    To put it bluntly, creatine intake requires only 3-10 grams per day after training. You can mix it with glucose or other carbohydrates and after taking it for 60 days, pause for a month, and you can cycle like this.
  • 06/5
    How To Get A Better Performance Of Creatine Mono
    Creatine is used every three months as a cycle, the first 7 days are the shock period, 20 grams per day, and 5 grams each after getting up in the morning, before training, after training and before going to bed. After 7 days, enter the maintenance period, use 5 grams before and after training, use it continuously for 10 weeks, then rest for 2 weeks, that is, enter the metabolic period, and then repeat from the beginning.
  • 26/4
    How Much To Eat Creatine Mono?
    The average fitness group consumes 5 grams of pure creatine per day, and it is supplemented after exercise. High-intensity training people are best able to supplement 10 grams a day, before and after training.


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